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Edison Coatings is offering two, full-day programs designed to provide owners, architects, engineers, contractors and conservators with a detailed, practical understanding of repair systems and mortars and methods for proper application. Through a combination of presentations, demonstrations and exercises, participants will learn the techniques and approaches needed to properly complete masonry repair and repointing projects. Register is now open for either day, or both days.


February 22: Terra Cotta & Stone Repairs


This workshop begins by illustrating the significance of each of the various materials properties for stone and masonry repair materials. Through examples and case studies, participants are then provided with an understanding of how to approach material selection.

Approaches to large-scale repair, replication of complex terra cotta glaze finishes, and the special issues revolving around wet terra cotta buildings are detailed. Particular attention is paid to properly sequencing work.

The workshops include live demonstrations and hands-on exercises, giving participants an opportunity to see and feel the various repair and refinishing systems used in terra cotta and stone repair, and to try their hands at some basic composite repair. Particular emphasis is placed on how to create different textures and profiles, how to blend repairs with adjacent elements, and how to control color variations.


Composite Patching: Deep and Thin-Section Repair Mortars, Casting Mortars

Adhesives and Grouts

Glaze Replacements and Faux Finishes

Weathering Stains


February 23: Historic Mortars & Repointing


This program begins with a review of the basic components, principals and standards applying to both modern and historic masonry mortars. Included are the basic chemistry of various types of limes and cements, aggregate selection criteria, proportioning guidelines for modern and historic mortars, applicable ASTM Standards, approaches to color control and issues in mortar analysis.



Live demonstrations and Hands-On exercises will be the focal points of the program, enabling participants to see and better understand the key principles, materials, techniques and issues relating to use of mortars for various types of repointing projects.

Preparation of masonry for repointing will be discussed and various tools and techniques will be demonstrated. Parameters for performing consistent, high quality work will be detailed. Options for designing repointing mixes for both contemporary and historic buildings and structures will be reviewed. Issues of field-mixed vs. prepackaged mortars, proportion vs. performance requirements, and proprietary vs. generic mortars will be discussed.


Quicklime and Hot Mixing, Lime Putty, Lime Hydrate

Natural Cement

Portland Cement

Aggregates for Mortar


Edison Coatings Training Center
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Workshop Prices & Fees

Full Two-Day Program $350.00 $20.24
1 Day, Terra Cotta & Stone Workshop, Feb. 22 $225.00 $13.37
1 Day, Historic Mortars & Repointing, Feb. 23 $225.00 $13.37
Student & Non-Profit  $85.00 $5.67

Registration ends February 22, 2012.

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