This talk is part of the Fountain Fundamentals Conference.

Gilded Water Fountains Fabrication/Conservation/ Maintenance by William Adair

A presentation on the specific issues encountered with the restoration of a contemporary outdoor gilded water fountain, “The Spirit of American Youth”.

The gilded replica was based on the original artwork done  in 1953 by Donald Harcourt De Lue (1897-1988), The Spirit of American Youth Rising from the Waves Omaha Beach Memorial, Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial, Colleville-sur-Mer, France.

The replica, is a 20 foot high oil gilded bronze sculpture that was installed in the center of a water fountain in Glendale, California about 5 years ago. The sculpture began to delaminate soon after it was gilded. The causes for premature failure were many, but the primary cause was excessive chemicals in the water that built up on the surface from constant exposure to the harsh enviornment.

This presentation will outline the step by step conservation and restoration work of the project,  and will end with a review of the monthly maintenance procedures in place for the last year and  our findings at keeping the surface stable.

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