Georgia O’Keeffe Museum Viewshed Project

2017 PTT Grant, Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, $30,000


The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum (GOKM or the Museum) aims to launch a multi-year endeavor to identify, collect, and develop a database, website, and app based on viewsheds of iconic geographical locations throughout New Mexico as portrayed in the works of 20th century artist, Georgia O’Keeffe. Known as the Mother of American Modernism, O’Keeffe’s artistic representations of New Mexico’s dramatic landscapes evoke a strong sense of place, identity, and character that is deeply felt by locals and visitors alike. The protection of these sites is of critical cultural and historic importance on a local, state, and national scale.

In the past several years, the State of New Mexico has seen a sharp increase in petroleum and natural gas exploration and other forms of development which threaten many iconic sites depicted in O’Keeffe’s work. The Museum seeks connect O’Keeffe’s artworks with their geographies in pursuit of cultivating greater appreciation of New Mexico landscapes and their influence on art, history, and culture.

The O’Keeffe Viewshed Project (OKVP) uses a ‘pilot’ approach that, in year one, focuses on building an information database to serve as the integration platform for a new website and app. Using a sample of O’Keeffe’s most significant New Mexico landscape artworks, this project aims to build models that can be extended to all of O’Keeffe’s works as well as to other artists. The possibilities for collaboration, particularly with developers, are numerous and have the potential to create productive dialogues that increase opportunities for land stewardship in conjunction with corporate interests.

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