Fort Larned National Historic Site helps preserve a  complete and authentic army post from the 1860s -1870s. This fort was on the Santa Fe Trail and the troops who served here were known as the Guardians of the Santa Fe Trail. Today, visitors can learn about the tumultuous history of the Indian Wars era from the site.

Recently, archeologists from the Midwest Archeology Center (MWAC) have been at Fort Larned to examine what is underneath the surface of the park. The team from MWAC came to see if they could find any remaining evidence of where known vanished buildings might have been by carrying out various geophysical surveys. They surveyed approximately 16 acres using non-invasive geophysical surveying methods like magnetometry, resistance, conductivity, and ground penetrating radar.

For more information about Fort Larned National Historical Site, visit its website. For more information about MWAC’s project, check out this link.

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