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Apply Here ButtonA Century of Design in the Parks Symposium – 2016

In accordance with the guidance issued by the Department of Interior, Authorization and Reporting Guidance on Conference-Related Activities and Spending — FMM 2013-024 (Vol. VI.B., attendance by federal employees must be limited to approximately 16 participants registered and on travel status. (If you are a federal employee but will not be on travel status, this does not apply to you.)

To insure that the guidance is met, NCPTT will accept applications for registration and will prioritize applicants by the following:

Is the applicant a speaker?
Does the applicant represent a NPS region?
Does the applicant represent an NPS program?
Does the applicant represent a NPS unit?
Does the applicant represent another federal agency?
Do the total travel costs exceed $1,500?

NPS Employees on travel status (if accepted to attend the conference) will have the $199 registration fee waved.  However, you still need included the $199 registration fee in your travel cost estimate.

NPS Employees: Please DO NOT enter your name and estimated travel costs into the CARS  share point site.  Place holders have already been entered into the system for NPS employees

ALL Federal Employees:  need to fill out an application to attend the symposium by clicking here.    
Be sure to include the appropriate registration fee (Participant: $299; Speaker: $199; NPS employee $199) in your travel cost estimate.

**Before filling out the form you will need the following travel estimates: airfare, POV, Lodging, MI&E, Registration, and other expenses. The 2016 Lodging ($99) and Per Diem Rates for Santa Fe, New Mexico ($64/48) should be used.

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