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 The National Park Service (NPS) Midwest Archeological Center (MWAC) received CRPP grant funding through the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training in FY16 to create a mobile application for the collection of archeological site condition and monitoring data at Midwest region parks. Interest in the development of such an application has spiked in the past two years as tablet and smartphone use increased in the parks. MWAC proposed to develop an application that could be used by archeologists, law enforcement rangers, and other park staff, to simplify data collection and make the management of these data more efficient for our staff.

MWAC successfully created a mobile data collection workflow for archeological site condition assessments and ranger monitoring using the NPS Portal for ArcGIS Online website ( and Collector for ArcGIS application. The data collection workflow was tested at three parks. The site condition assessment workflow was tested at Wind Cave National Park and Badlands National Park. The ranger monitoring workflow was tested at Voyageurs National Park (VOYA). The ranger monitoring workflow was tested at a second park, Ozark National Scenic Riverways (OZAR) in fall of FY17. IPads were provided to both VOYA and OZAR for testing. This allowed us to test the entire work flow from database creation through data collection and then integration with our existing data in the office.

In conclusion, we were successfully able to create a data collection workflow for securely

Testing application in the field

recording archeological site condition and monitoring data on an iPad using free (to NPS users) ESRI software. The workflow can be implemented in any region and easily modified to meet the needs of varying users across the NPS. Our detailed “how-to” and instructional documentation will allow anyone to easily duplicate our workflow and implement it at their own office. We have received numerous inquiries over the last year from several regions interested in our app development, so we expect to share this documentation many times in the coming years. The possibilities are endless for how this software can be used to collect information on the important resources the NPS is dedicated to protecting and conserving.

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