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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

The National Park Service’s Cultural Resources, Partnerships, and Science Directorate has answered the Director’s Call to Action #17 Go Digital and #24 Invest Wisely by moving our old physical servers into “the Cloud.” Through a partnership with the Office of Information Resources’ National Technology Information Center, we migrated all of our Windows application, web, and file servers into the Washington Support Office Data Center’s Hyper-V virtual environment between September 10-October 12, 2012. This means that Cultural Resources staff will no longer have to manage and monitor physical servers, perform backups, or purchase and set up new hardware.

In the past, these activities have taken up a significant amount of Cultural Resource’s small Information Technology staff’s time; now, CR IT staff will be able to focus more time on mission critical functions such as application development and database management. In addition, old and failing equipment was about to require a significant amount of funds to replace. Through virtualization, we will be able to minimize and control our server-related expenditures. Finally, problems resulting from insufficient and inconsistently allocated storage space such as the proliferation of external hard drives will be alleviated, as we will now be able to expand and configure our storage space and associated backup capacity as our needs require.

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