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ICCROM, in conjunction with the Canadian Conservation Institute and the Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage, will present a course on managing and reducing risks to cultural heritage. The course is designed for a maximum of 30 participants and is targeted to conservators, architects, archeologists, archivists, conservation scientists, collection managers, registrars, curators (in museums, archives, historic houses), and any other professionals involved in the preservation of cultural heritage.

The course will includes a substantial distance-learning component, to enable participants to apply the risk management approach in their own working and cultural context. Each participant must make arrangements with an institution that will form the case study for that participant. During the course, the participant must have full access to the collections or the cultural heritage under study.

The course structure follows the steps of the Australian and New Zealand Standard for Risk Management, the international reference in the field. These include 1) context and values assessment, 2) risk identification, 3) risk analysis, 4) risk evaluation, 5) risk treatment (or mitigation), and 6) risk communication.

In its first part on line, the course will address steps 1 to 4. The face-to face workshop (in October 2011, exact dates and venue will be confirmed at a later date) will focus on steps 5 and 6. After the workshop, a last distance-learning phase will allow participants to finalize their case study report end present it to their institutions.

At all stages of the learning and risk management process, participants will be able to share their experience with colleagues. They will have access to readings/resources/forums and to mentors and tutors who will help them through the process advise them on how to resolve challenges. Regular assignments will measure progress.

23 May to 9 September 2011 (online)
3 October to 14 October 2011 (face-to-face)
17 October to 28 November 2011 (online)

For more information and to download the application form, visit

Applications must be submitted by 28 January 2010.

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