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Knowledge of material properties, reactivity and history can be crucial to conservation treatment success and safety. This report documents how the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston created a digitized database of information on materials and processes used in making, treating and testing artistic and historic objects. The database includes over 10,000 records and serves as a time-saving resource for conservators.

Grant MT-2210-0-NC-12 from the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training funded the expansion and review of a database with an initial working title of Conservation Materials Database. It is now called Conservation and Art Materials Dictionary (CAMD). The database incorporates technical information about historic and contemporary materials used in all aspects of the conservation, preservation and production of artistic, architectural and archaeological materials. No other resource in the field of conservation has attempted to provide reference data of this scope and magnitude. Thus the database is an important step in the development and defmition of the growing fields of conservation and historic preservation.

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