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Community Connections (2009-07)

Community Connections (2009-07)

The National Center for Preservation Technology Training (NCPTT) in Natchitoches, Louisiana, was created to advance the use of science and technology in the field of historic preservation. Congress established NCPTT in 1992 to encourage research and training in multiple disciplines within preservation, including archeology, architecture, landscape architecture, and materials conservation. An additional program in heritage education for grades K-12 was established at the direction of Congress in 2000. This book is funded by project funds from the National Center’s base budget to further heritage education values in the U.S.

In order to preserve our communities for tomorrow, we must educate students today. Community Connections is an innovative, multi-tiered set of activities that involves students, teachers, families, and schools working together to learn about the places in which they live. The program activities have been successfully tested in classrooms around the country and the teacher and student responses have been overwhelmingly positive. We believe that these activities, which build and secure a deeper understanding and appreciation of our heritage, can be integrated into several areas of the curriculum, as well as offering unique and varied after-school and camp program ideas.

The Community Connections project staff created a seven thread activity book that leads students to knowledge about their community through learning experiences in the following areas or threads: Interviewing, Foodways, Photos, Timelines, Time Capsules, Poetry, and Celebrations.

We hope that students around the nation will discover their communities through this program and learn to value them as the national treasures that they are.

From the publication forward by NCPTT Executive Director Kirk Cordell

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