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The National Center for Preservation Technology and Training (NCPTT) is planning a workshop on the conservation of monuments commonly found in cemeteries in the New England region. Antientest Burial Place will be the site for the workshop to be held Oct. 7-9 in New London, Conn.

Held in partnership with the City of New London, the workshop will be a combination of lecture, demonstration and hands-on training. Cost for the workshop is $695 and those interested may apply online by visiting the NCPTT website or by calling 318-356-7444.

The workshop will cover a number of specialized topics that are critical to monument conservation such as:

  • Condition assessments
  • Conservation ethics
  • Protection
  • Cleaning
  • Stone loss repairs
  • Bases and resetting
  • Adhesion and reinforced repair
  • Consolidation

The workshop will focus on brownstone and slate, which were traditionally used on a widespread basis to make gravemarkers in New England.

People from many walks of life may benefit from this workshop, including:

  • cemetery association members,
  • state historic preservation officers,
  • national and state park employees,
  • doctoral students conducting research in cemeteries,
  • cemetery caretakers,
  • monument builders
  • and family cemetery owners.


Several nationally-recognized experts are working together on the development and instruction for the seminar and workshop. The instructors are:

  • Norman Weiss, research scholar at Columbia University
  • Fran Gale, director, Architectural Conservation Laboratory, University of Texas
  • Shelley Sass, Sass Conservation Inc.
  • Irving Slavid from Monument Conservation Collaborative
  • Martin Johnson, Monument Conservation Collaborative
  • and Mary Striegel and Jason Church of the NCPTT Materials Research Program

Background of the Cemetery Monument Conservation Initiative

The workshop series stemmed from one of NCPTT’s research priorities: meeting the preservation needs of houses of worship and cemeteries. NCPTT’s efforts to help conserve the historic American Cemetery, located near its headquarters in Natchitoches, Louisiana resulted in the first CMC workshop being held there in 2003.

Based on strong demand from the Natchitoches workshop, additional events have since been held annually in across the United States. Besides the Cemetery Monument Conservation Workshop, NCPTT staff also conducts related workshops aimed at audiences ranging from beginners to highly advanced conservation professionals.

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NCPTT uses technology to serve the future of America’s heritage through applied research and professional training. Since its founding in 1994, NCPTT has awarded over $6 million in grants for research that fulfills its mission of finding solutions to the challenges faced in preserving our nation’s cultural heritage through the innovative application of advances in science and technology. The Center is located in Lee H. Nelson Hall on the campus of Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, Louisiana.  For more information about NCPTT, visit the Center’s website:

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