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The Association for Preservation Technology Northeast Chapter is sending out a call for presentations for the February 4, 2011 Annual Symposium to be held in Boston, Massachusetts. The topic that presentations are to address is The Use of Substitute Materials for Historic Preservation Projects. The Symposium would like to explore the decisions that are made about when to use substitute materials and how well or how poorly the use of substitute materials is affecting historic fabric. Also, is the use of substitute materials allowing us to avoid making difficult decisions about the long term maintenance and sustainability of historic sites.

Topics that we would like to see addressed:

  • What effect does the use of substitute materials have on authenticity, performance or even aesthetics.
  • New material and techniques for architectural preservation
  • New and rediscovered materials for architectural preservation
  • When the use of a substitute material has caused performance problems and why.
  • Substituting materials because of ‘sustainability’ or ‘green” issues and why this decision was made.
  • How are decisions made about using substitute materials?

All presentations that discuss case studies should address one of the topics and the presenters are encouraged to demonstrate how the case study contributes to the field by providing in-depth analysis of what was learned in the course of the study or project. Presentations are to be 20 minutes in length.

Abstracts should be 250 to 300 words and must include the title, the name of the speaker or speakers, the address of the speaker and any institution they are representing, email address of the speaker and the speaker’s resume. Abstracts will not be accepted without the speaker’s resume and contact information.

For more information please see

Students are encouraged to submit work that is relevant to the topic.

Abstracts are due October 30, 2010 and should be sent to Mary Jablonski at

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