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Over 400 sources of information on GIS applications in archaeology have either been published or have been presented at conferences.   The objective of “A Review of Recent Advances in GIS Applications for Archaeology” is to provide a comprehensive overview of these data sources and review the current status of the use of GIS technology to preserve and protect archaeological resources.

The article provides some basic introductory material on GIS and the role of spatial analysis in archaeology. A chronological overview of publications on the  use  of  GIS  in archaeology indicates some progress in expanding the GIS user community among archaeologists; there are fewer broad overviews and an increase in the consideration of  method and theory. Typical GIS applications in archaeology are presented along with a subset of references providing examples of these applications.  The data are also broken down by publication trends to show how and where they are being disseminated.   Most of the data, slightly more than 50%, is available in books, CDs, or proceedings from conferences on GIS and archaeology/anthropology or computers/quantitative methods and archaeology.   The article closes with examples and suggestions for how GIS technology is being and can be used for historic preservation purposes.

This research was made possible through Grant MT-2210-7-NC-22 from the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training (NCPTT).

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