NCPTT in conjunction with Jean Lafitte National Historical Park, Heritage Documentation Programs (NPS), and the APTI Technical Committee for Documentation hosted a three day summit on digital documentation for the preservation of cultural heritage.

The Symposiu20090846082_fe84133d36_om was held April 18-20, 2017 at the Old US Mint Museum, New Orleans, Louisiana. The program featured two days of contributed papers and a poster session, followed by a third day of field demonstrations and exercises. -site.



Day One    Tuesday, April 18, 2017
8:30 AM    Registration
9:00 AM    Introductions and Welcome
9:15 AM    Keynote: 3D Digital Documentation; From a Field of Specialization to an Interdisciplinary Point of Interaction by Krupali Krusche
10:30 AM    Break
10:45 AM    Incorporating 3D Digital Data in HABS/HAER/HALS Projects
11:15 AM    Digital, Digitization, Digitalization A Prescription for Being Found in the “Cloud”
11:45 PM    Activation Data
12:15 PM   Lunch
1:45 PM    Reality Capture, 3D Modeling, and Historic Preservation: Structural Engineer’s Perspective
2:15 PM    Integrating 3D Digital Documentation Methods for Cultural Resource Identification and Documentation in a Heavily Forested Mountainous Landscape
2:45 PM    Spherical Imaging and Virtual Environments for Conservation of Cultural Heritage Sites
3:15 PM    Break
3:30 PM    Cloud Based 3-D Digital Photogrammetry Pertev Pasa Mosque (Izmit, Turkey)
4:00 PM    Utilization of Bathymetric Surveys for the Location and Monitoring of Archaeological Shipwrecks
Day Two    Wednesday, April 19, 2017
8:30 AM    Shifting the Paradigm of Heritage Conservation Education through 3D Imaging Technologies
9:00 AM    From the Field to the Classroom: Developing Pedagogy in Digital Humanities
9:30 AM    Technology for the People: Developing a Low Cost Heritage Documentation Kit to Spur Innovation in Digital Preservation
10:00 AM    Break
10:15 AM    Beyond Hype and Promise: Digital Heritage Strategies in Our Nation’s Parks for Preservation, 3D Learning, Outreach, and Education
10:45 AM    3D Digital Documentation and Analysis of the Reef Bay Valley Petroglyphs, St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands National Park
11:15 AM    Round-table Discussion; Engaging the Public with 3D Models
12:00 PM   Poster Session / Lunch
2:30 PM    Scientific Photogrammetric Imaging of a Large-scale Diego Rivera Fresco Mural
3:00 PM    Photogrammetric Gigipixel Imaging of Monumental Wall Paintings Using Visible, Infared, and Ultraviolet Radiation.
3:30 PM    A Re-composition Methodology of Frescoes Fragments Using a Photogrammetric Approach
4:00 PM    Round-table Discussion; Managing / Futureproofing Big Data

Day Three        Thursday, April 20, 2017
9:00 AM    LIDAR and Photogrammetry: Comprehensive Data Collection for Historical Preservation
9:30 AM    Combining Hands-on Inspection, Nondestructive Evaluation, and Drone-based Data Acquisition in the Investigation of the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Memorial Monument
10:00 AM    A Bird’s Eye View: Photogrammetric Documentation using Drones
10:30 AM    Digital Documentation using Aerial Photogrammetry
11:00 AM    Using UAVs to Rapidly Preserve Historic Structures in New Orleans, Louisiana
11:30 AM    Round-table Discussion; The Future of Drone Policy
12:00 PM    Lunch
1:30 PM      Field Sessions; Bus leaves for St. Louis Cemetery #2
Round-Robin Groups; Cemetery Introduction and Documentation Project, Laser Scanning as a Documentation Tool, Photogrammetry with Drones, From Photogrammetry to Print
3:30 PM   Bus returns to Mint Museum


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