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Reference List

The ABS’s of Modern Fire Suppression in Cultural Institutions, National Archives

Session presentations from their annual conference on fire suppression.

After the Fire: Salvaging the Stores of the Department of Archaeology & Natural History

AIC Disaster Response & Recovery

PDF Icon Archeological Resource Damage Assessment: Legal Basis and Methods

CPP Pocket Response Plan for Collections

Conserve-O-Grams, National Park Service

A series of 11 National Park Service publications covering disaster recovery topics like salvaging water-damaged collections (paper, non-paper archives, textiles, natural history collections), health and safety, and how to develop an emergency operations plan.

Disaster Mitigation Planning Assistance Website

PDF Icon Disaster Preparedness Functions.

This document provides an overview of tasks to be performed by individuals before, during and after a natural disaster strikes a museum or collection.

PDF Icon Disaster Reentry Checklist. A good list of action steps and precautions for teams before re-entering a facility.

Disaster Response and Recovery, Lyrasis

Offers general information; resources by type of damage and material; disaster recover service and supplies; disaster aid; and other resources for information.

Emergency! If You’re First…America Institute for the Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works

General instructions for what to do when an emergency occurs.  Some information on paper collections.

Fire Protections in Cultural Institutions, National Archives

Paper emphasizes preventive measure to protect collections from fires.

Fire Safety Inspection Form, National Archives

Self inspection form for institutions to perform to determine areas that would be the most threatened by fire.  Should be done at regular intervals and does not replace a municipal or specialist inspections.

Heritage Emergency National Task Force: Preparedness Resources

Lessons Learned in Emergencies: Not Your Ordinary Disaster Conference, National Archives

Proceedings from their annual conference in 2002.

Library of Congress: Preservation

Louisiana Cultural Assets Rescue

PDF Icon Mold Summary in Emergency Response. Prepared by Hillary Kaplan of the National Archives and Records Administration, this document provides a brief introduction to the problems of mold after a natural disaster.

Northeast Document Conservation Center: Disaster Assistance

NPS Conserve O Grams

NPS Museum Handbook

Preparing Your Institution for Hurricanes, Heritage Preservation

Emergency Response and Salvage Wheel ($12.95 per wheel but half price in celebration of May Day)

Basic information for buildings with collections.  The wheel offers for specific materials.

Preservation Leaflets, Northeast Document Conservation Center

Planning and Prioritizing, The Environment, Emergency Management, Storage and Handling, Photographs, Reformatting, Conservation Procedures

A Primer on Disaster Preparedness, Management and Response: Paper-Bases Materials, National Archives

More in depth information on what to do with paper- based materials.

Primer on Disaster Preparedness, Management & Response

This primer discusses how to plan for, salvage, and care for paper objects in emergencies, such as fire, flood, and earthquake. It was issued by the Smithsonian Institution, National Archives and Records Administration, Library of Congress, and National Park Service.

PDF Icon Priorities for Salvage

After the disaster strikes, how do you determine where to begin and what to salvage? This document provides guidelines for curators and collectors.

PDF Icon Recordkeeping in Emergency Response.

This document provides guidelines for necessary record keeping in emergency response so that accurate tracking of all collections is maintained.

Save Your Treasures the Right Way, The Heritage Emergency National Task Force, a coalition of 41 national organizations and federal agencies including FEMA, offers these basic guidelines from professional conservators.

PDF Icon Saving Your Family Heirlooms. This document provided by the American Institute for Conservation is a simple decision tree for homeowners to use after flooding, tornadoes, earthquakes, or hurricanes.

The Impact of the Fires on San Diego’s Historic Sites provides updates with photographs on some of the 1,500 historic structures and thousands of archeological sites potentially impacted by the California wildfires.

PDF Icon Working with Emergency Responders: Tips for Cultural Institutions. Tips for cultural institutions. What do they need to know before, during, and after a disaster.

Originally published Jun 7, 2011.

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