We have a suite of power and hand tools for cutting, grinding, polishing, coring and mounting samples for analysis.



We have a variety of saws ranging in size from handheld to bench-top to stand alone units.  Depending on the material, some of the saws can be run dry or wet.

Katherine Langdon cutting brick samples with the MK brick saw

Jason Church cutting concrete with a powered handsaw.

Gregory Lefebvre cutting brick samples with the Buhler trim saw


Saw models and types include: MK 880 brick saw, Buhler Isomet trim saw, Hillquist 1005 sectioning saw, a powered handsaw, and a band saw.


Caitlin Oshida polishes samples using the Buehler Ecomet 4


We have three different grinders, each of which can be fitted with a range of grits.  The models include: the Buehler Ecomet 3 variable speed grinder, the Buehler Ecomet 4 variable speed grinder, and the Buehler Handimet 2 roll grinder



Coring and Drilling

We have a variety of equipment used for coring and drilling depending on the type of sample we need, be it a solid core, or a powdered sample for analysis.  Tools include the Delta drill press, a hammer drill, and a set of Dremel tools.

Marissa Bartz using a hammer drill to take powdered core samples.

Bilal Khurshid cores stone sample with the drill press and coring bit



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