Route 66: The Road Ahead Partnership

In November 2013, organizational leaders and representative stakeholders of Route 66 met at The Road Ahead strategic roundtable in Anaheim, California. Organized by the World Monuments Fund with generous assistance from American Express, their purpose was to discuss a vision and strategies for developing a national framework for collaboration along the Road.

In November 2014, a steering committee met for two days in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to finalize recommendations developed over a period of months. There, the group agreed on a proposed new organizational structure, to be called “Route 66: The Road Ahead Initiative” that includes plans for a representative elected board, and working groups/committees that will promote tourism, preservation, Route 66 Associations (advocacy), economic development, and education. The goal is a fresh, inclusive approach for Route 66 that represents all stakeholders — everybody with dedication and passion for the Road.

In 2015, a series of public workshops were completed that provided an opportunity for Route 66 stakeholders to come together to discuss the draft goals of the initiative and finalize recommendations for moving forward. Based on these recommendations, final organizational structure, mission, and goals were developed, and in 2016 the Route 66: The Road Ahead Partnership became a 501(c)(3) with the goal of preserving, promoting, researching/educating, and revitalizing the historic Route 66 corridor. This work will benefit business owners, communities, educators, tribes, and government agencies involved with preserving and promoting the historic corridor, as well as the general public who travels and experiences the road, by providing a collaborative organizing unit to coordinate national revitalization efforts along the route. To learn more about the Route 66: The Road Ahead Partnership, visit their website