A comprehensive strategy for workforce development entails recruiting, training, and retaining outstanding individuals. A professional development strategy must go beyond training seminars. It should provide opportunities for education through degree programs or online courses, mentoring, professional certification, participation in professional societies, and knowledge development through research.

Core Competencies for Federal Facilities Asset Management Through 2020: Transformational Strategies
, National Research Council of the National Academy of Science, November 2007

OPM’s Training and Development Policy Wiki
OPM LogoLow Cost Training Options Organizations must continue the operation of training and development even in times of tighter budgets. Learn some of the different ways organizations can train their workforce with minimal expenditures and increase the quality of those training offerings while incurring little to no cost. Visit OPM’s Training and Development Policy Wiki to learn how.
OPM policy on cost-sharing for employee training
OPM LogoFederal law and regulations provide many ways to support employees’ training and development. Agencies are encouraged to use these flexibilities to meet agency needs and to support employee self-development and learning. There are examples of flexibilities in current Federal training law and regulations, including providing academic degree training. The following information addresses these flexibilities: Establishment of training ...
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