A comprehensive strategy for workforce development entails recruiting, training, and retaining outstanding individuals. A professional development strategy must go beyond training seminars. It should provide opportunities for education through degree programs or online courses, mentoring, professional certification, participation in professional societies, and knowledge development through research.

Core Competencies for Federal Facilities Asset Management Through 2020: Transformational Strategies
, National Research Council of the National Academy of Science, November 2007

Put yourself in the seat of a selecting official with a job opening.  Two candidate’s resumes show both are highly qualified  — as did your check of their references.  One has purchased membership in an organization of their peers & obtained certification from that organization.  Which one would you select?

Or in the seat of a B&U Supervisor.  You take great pride in your organization and want to leave a legacy of excellence in your wake.   Does OPM require your maintenance mechanic,  electrician — or janitor — obtain certification?  No.   Can you as a Supervisor?   Yes.   Check with your HR office to determine what changes might be required to their PDs or Performance Plans, browse the possibilities below, or search the Whole Building Design Guide’s Comprehensive List.

Cleaning Management Institute
Cleaning Management InstituteCMI is a professional society focused on education, training and career improvement for commercial cleaning professionals. Since 1964, CMI has been helping frontline custodians, supervisors and custodial trainers to achieve their career goals and reach their potential. Our network of Master Trainers brings decades of real world experience to your cleaning operation. http://www.cminstitute.net/

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