Law, Policy, and Compliance

The laws and policies that guide a facility maintenance operation are broad, far reaching & sometimes hard to track.   In 1999 Pacific West Region’s Maintenance Advisory Group (MAG) developed a guide for compliance for everything from Accessibility to Vehicle/Equipment Fuel Station Compliance.  When finished, it filled 33-pages. Nor has any of these laws, regulations, policies or compliance requirements been simplified over the past 13-years. What has changed is ease of access.  Take a few minutes to explore the links below & bookmark this page for future reference. National Park Service Policy, a guiding principle or procedure that sets the framework and provides direction for management decisions and Director’s Orders, which provide more detailed interpretation of Management Policies are available through the Director’s Office of Policy.    Useful facility-specific references  available here include DO 13, Environmental Management; DO 36, Housing Management; DO 40 Dam Safety Management; DO50B, Occupational Safety & Health and DO80, Asset Management. The Facility Management Institute’s web site provides some very powerful links to Knowledge Portals such as FedCenter, the Federal government’s home for environmental stewardship and compliance assistance information, and links to Laws and Executive Orders specific to facilities asset management:  Federal Government links/Knowledge Portals/Publications.

Section 106
Learn about Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act. When the Act was enacted in 1966, it began a new era in the preservation of America’s historic properties.  Section 106 of the NHPA became a particularly influential piece of the law.  Section 106 is a cornerstone in the ways that the National Park Service ...
Industrial Stormwater Requirements at Federal Facilities: Ask the Inspector Webinar
DSC_0020 Background: EPA hosted a Stormwater compliance webinar for Federal facilities on November 14, 2012. The webinar provided a framework to understand Industrial Stormwater compliance requirements and issues affecting the Federal sector. The 45-minute presentation covered specific regulatory areas identified by compliance inspectors as problems or concerns affecting the Federal sector. There was also a ...

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