The Need

The Facility Maintenance Career Field embraces 5,945 employees in 86 classification series – over 27% of NPS’ total workforce. Looking at the career field’s leadership, 60% of NPS’ current supervisory facility managers will be eligible for retirement in 2015. Because a clear career path is not available to the 3,322 permanent trade workers, 34 of the facility manager vacancies filled in the last two years came from outside the Service at an average age of 46. Of those 26% were 55 or older (NPS Briefing Statement 9/11/2009 – S. W. Hastings).


Provide all facility maintenance employees with a network of tools & resources to achieve personal career goals thus providing the National Park Service with the best qualified personnel to carry out NPS’  Mission.


National Park Service’s facility maintenance workforce has become a learning community where a dynamic understanding of ‘excellence’ is explored, where each individual can refine career goals and where the community fosters attainment.


  1.  Display a career path for facility maintenance employees and access to learning opportunities which provide for mutually beneficial individual professional growth, while meeting the needs of the mission of the NPS.
  2. Provide access to resources that enable employees to understand how learning can foster to growth through a career with the National Park Service.
  3. Encourage peer to peer learning and forums which enable a learning community focused on the business of facility maintenance.
  4. Provide inspiration for employees who are topped-out or homesteading to realize growth and fulfillment through recognition of exemplars, opportunities to mentor, coach and skill-share.
  5. Commission facility maintenance supervisors to become strategic workforce managers.
  6. Follow-on to NPS’ New Employee Orientation Program so new facility maintenance employees are retained through continuous learning, development and networking.


This site was designed with the following audiences in mind:

  • National Park Service employees new to the maintenance field.
  • Current National Park Service maintenance employees.
  • National Park Service employees seeking a career field change to maintenance.
  • Each of these audiences has unique needs which are categorized below:
    • Career advancement: Users wanting to advance their careers may want to learn about opportunities and learning required to move forward in a career path.  These users may be new to the NPS or may be unsatisfied with their current position.
    • Career enhancement: Users seeking career enhancement may want to learn about how they can gain new skills and give back to the profession.  These users are satisfied with their current position but are looking for opportunities for personal and professional fulfillment.
    • General information: Users exploring the Academy for general information may have questions about the maintenance field but are not sure about a career plan. These users may include newer maintenance employees and non-maintenance employees looking for a career change.

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