FMLP 2010 at BandalierThe Preservation and Skills Training (PAST) Program started in 1993 with 24 participants. It is a two-year mentor-based, trade and preservation skills competency developmental training program. The program is designed for WG 3-7 maintenance employees who work on historic structures. This program contributes to the preservation and maintenance improvement of the National Park Services’ 20,000 or more historic structures. To date, 144 trainees have completed the program.

The competency-based curriculum consists of a comprehensive series of work-centered, one-on-one, hands-on instructor lead training sessions. A mentor is assigned to each trainee to serve as their coach and skills instructor. In addition to working with a mentor, the entire class attends four, formal preservation skills-based training workshops. The first workshop, the program orientation, also includes an introduction to preservation philosophy and safety awareness training. It is followed by two skills workshops held in host parks. The last class, the capstone, includes a review of preservation philosophy, participant testing, evaluation and graduation. Those participants that successfully complete the program training are certified as having met the competencies of a Historical Maintenance Person.

Geographic Scope: Servicewide
Competencies Addressed: Based on NPS Historic Preservation Skills Technical Competencies
Program Length: Two years
Enrollment Capacity: Usually 16 participants
Career Level: WG 3-7
Functional Discipline: Maintenance employees servicewide
Learning Method: Instructor led workshops, coaching, and online classes
Evaluation Method: Program received Level Four evaluation in 2008 by Clemson University
Funding Sources: NPS WASO L&D

The tenth class began in June 2013 and included 20 trainees and 10 mentors.

For more information, contact: Dorothy Printup, Historic Preservation Skills Training Manager, Historic Preservation Training Center, 301-663-8206 ext. 101

PAST Class of 2015 – Orientation at Harpers Ferry National Historical Park
HAFE walkThe 10th PAST class began in June of 2013 and includes 20 trainees and 10 mentors. As part of the class orientation, participants embarked on a walking tour of Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, where they learned about historic architecture, preservation philosophy, the treatment of historic properties, cultural landscapes, and other important preservation-related topics.    
A Perpetuation of Call to Action; PAST Program Preserves America’s Special Places
NPSCheck out this InsideNPS article on the PAST program. (Article only available to InsideNPS intranet site users.)

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