Electricity is really just organized lightning. —George Carlin

It’s pretty safe to say that we all try to stay away from lightning, but when we don’t have electricity, our worlds come to a standstill.  Out of the 397 National Park units,  80 have employees with “Electrician” or “Electrical” in their job title.  Typically those with that title have completed rigorous training and apprenticeship programs.  Advances in technology or new sources of power like wind or solar may prompt a skilled electrician to seek further training.  NPS-sponsored programs in alternative energy systems are offered a couple times a year and are advertised on this website and on InsideNPS. You may also be interested in programs available to make your park more sustainable–check out the Federal Energy Management Program’s portfolio of online training.

For the other 310+ NPS units the work of installing a new light fixture or putting a GFCI outlet next to a sink usually falls to our Jacks-and-Jills-of-All-Trades, the Maintenance Mechanic .  If you want to build upon the skills you have there’s lots of options but your best bet is to seek out a trades program at your local community college.  The Learning and Development branch of the NPS also partners with the Mott Training Center for the California State Parks to offer tiered Electrical training.  Like the alternative energy programs you’ll find those advertised on this website so check in often.

Nobody’s going to give you an electrician’s license with only 1 hour of online training but there is a FREE course offered through DOILearn and Skillsoft on DC Circuit Theory.  No, it’s not about how to get around our nation’s Capital;  this one-hour course is designed to provide you with a basic understanding of DC Electrical Theory. It is also intended to enhance your understanding of the operation and design of DC circuits, components, and sources. You will learn:

  • Basic DC electrical terms,
  • Equations and theory,
  •  and solve problems involving resistance, voltage, and current.

The content in this course is designed to comply with the intent of the applicable regulatory requirements. Learner objectives for this course are to:

  • Define the following terms: Voltage, Volt, Current, Ampere, Resistance, and Ohm;
  • Describe Ohm’s Law; solve problems using Ohm’s Law;
  • Calculate the total resistance in a series circuit;
  •  and calculate the total resistance in a parallel circuit.

Follow this link to immediately take the online training. After signing into DOILearn you’ll be taken directly to the page.


Learn More

Want to know more about the requirements for the job? Follow this link to view the standard Position Description Library, scroll down and click on the All Wage Grade PD’s.  Scroll down and you’ll find PD’s for Maintenance Mechanics, Electricians and Electrical Workers.  (Note: depending on a Park’s specific needs these PD’s may be modified for an actual job posting.)


Do you have a resource that would be valuable to this Program Area or is your team working on an interesting project? Leave a comment  below and tell us about it so we can feature it on our site.

Using Work Order Reporting Kiosk (WORK) in an FBMS World – Video
DSCF0104 Feature Crop 928 x 365 The Work Order Reporting Kiosk (WORK) application has been updated to include a daily timesheet and the ability to record credit card transactions to work orders. WORK is linked directly to the Facility Management Software System (FMSS). Through the FMSS work orders it is also linked to the QuickTime application for payroll reporting. Therefore, reporting time ...
Selecting, Implementing, and Funding Photovoltaic Systems in Federal Facilities – On Demand Training
femp_logo 620 x 2123.5 hours This course covers PV technologies typically installed at Federal sites along with installation options, PV module ratings and testing, and warranties. Roof vs. ground mounted PV arrays, fixed vs. tracked PV arrays, and other options are discussed in terms of logistical, technical, and economic considerations.  For details and registration click HERE
Photovoltaics Installation Training at Zion National Park
Class picture for Zion PV trainingOverview In 2011 Alex Barajas, Zion Environmental Protection Specialist, and Matt Mackay, Zion Electrician, attended an Introductory PV class at the Grand Canyon.  After learning of the installation class conducted at Glen Canyon in early 2012, Alex pursued bringing a class to to Springdale, UT.  Zion is a Climate Friendly Park and their Visitor Center was ...
PG&E: Pacific Energy Center Training Series, “Pump/Motor Interaction”
PG&ECheck out this video on Pump / Motor Interaction from Pacific Gas & Electric.
Energy Efficiency Training Videos
PG&EPG&E (Pacific Gas & Electric) has a variety of energy efficiency training videos available on demand. Check them out!
Director’s Order 35 B and Utility Rates – Video
DSCF0104 Feature Crop 928 x 365     This course provides an overview of the new Director’s Order 35B and how to use the tool to determine utility rates. Objectives: Understand the basics of DO 35 B and its relationship to utility rates. Describe how DO 35 B may change how you set utility rates. Understand how FMSS and AMRS relate to utility rates and to DO ...
Case Studies of Utility Energy Service Contracts
Department of EnergyFederal Energy Management Program Check out some case studies on the Program’s website. You can also watch an on-demand webinar on the Introduction to Alternative Financing for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technology.
Basic DC Circuitry
DC CurrentNobody’s going to give you an electrician’s license with only 1 hour of online training but there is a FREE course offered through DOI Learn and Skillsoft on DC Circuit Theory.  No, it’s not about how to get around our nation’s Capital this one-hour course is designed to provide you with a basic understanding of ...
Advanced Electric Metering in Federal Facilities – On Demand Training
femp_logo 620 x 2123.5 hours This course provides Federal energy and facility managers with the knowledge and skills to take full advantage of the benefits of advanced electric metering systems. The course discusses the components of an advanced electric metering system that meet Federal requirements and help sites take full advantage of metered data. Emphasis is placed on the ...

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Able Seaman (9924)99243
Air Conditioning Equipment Mechanic (5306)530611
Animal Caretaking (5048)504817
Animal Packer (5001)500140
Architect (0808)0808133
Automotive Mechanic (5823)582371
Boiler Plant Operating (5402)54022
Building Manager (1176)11762
Carpentry (4607)4607115
Chief Engineer (9931)99312
Civil Engineer (0810)081096
Construction Analyst (0828)08281
Construction Representative (0809)080911
Cooking (7404)74046
Crane Operating (5725)57257
Custodial Working (3566)356695
Deckhand (5788)57889
Electrical Engineer (0850)08502
Electrician (2805)280582
Electrician (High Voltage) (2810)28109
Electromotive Equipment Mechanic (5876)58762
Electronic Industrial Controls Mechanic (2606)26062
Electronics Mechanic (2604)26047
Electronics Technician (0856)085615
Elevator Mechanic (5313)53133
Engineering Draftsman (0818)08181
Engineering Equipment Operating (5716)5716320
Engineering Technician (0802)080241
Environmental Engineer (0819)081912
Equipment Specialist (1670)16708
Exhibit Specialist (1010)1010104
Exhibit Specialist (Student Trainee) (1099)109928
Facility Management (1640)1640344
Farmer/Farm Worker (5002)50022
First Officer (9905)99051
Gardening (5003)5003125
General Engineer (0801)080146
General Equipment Mechanic (4737)47375
Heating and Boiler Plant Equipment Mechanic (5309)53094
Heavy Mobile Equipment Mechanic (5803)580377
Horticulturist (0437)043715
Industrial Equipment Mechanic (5352)53521
Instrument Mechanic (3359)33592
Laborer – Student Trainee (3599)35991
Laboring (3502)35021024
Landscape Architect (0807)0807177
Lock and Dam Operator (5707)57075
Locksmith (4804)48041
Locomotive Engineer (5737)57371
Machining (3414)34141
Maintenance Mechanic (4749)47492572
Marine Machinery Mechanic (5334)53347
Masonry (3603)3603145
Master (Vessel Operations) (9902)99021
Materials Handler (6907)690718
Mechanical Engineer (0830)083013
Miscellaneous General Maintenance and Operations (Preservation Specialist) (4701)4701165
Miscellaneous Industrial Equipment Maintenance Mechanic (5301)53015
Miscellaneous Industrial Equipment Operating (5401)54014
Miscellaneous Metal Working (3801)38014
Miscellaneous Pipefitting (Pipeline Repairer) (4201)42011
Miscellaneous Transportation/Mobile Equipment Maintenance Mechanic (5801)580115
Mobile Equipment Servicer (5806)58065
Motor Vehicle Operating (5703)5703232
Offset Photographer (4414)44143
Ordinary Seaman (Deckhand) (9928)99281
Painting (4102)410249
Pest Controlling (5026)502617
Petroleum Engineer (0881)08811
Pipefitting (4204)42045
Plumbing (4206)420623
Printing Specialist (1654)16545
Projectionist (3910)39105
Railroad Maintenance Vehicle Operating (5738)57383
Rigging (5210)52103
Safety Engineer (0803)08032
Sand Blaster (5423)54232
Sheet Metal Mechanic (3806)38062
Ship Operations Supervisor (5782)57821
Sign Painter (4104)410417
Sign Painter – Student Trainee (4101)41011
Small Craft Operating (5786)578672
Small Engine Mechanic (8610)86103
Student Trainee (0899)089915
Student Trainee (1699)169925
Student Trainee (5499)54991
Student Trainee (HV Elect Wrkr Helpr) (2801)28013
Student Trainee (Laborer) (3501)35013
Student Trainee (Masonry Worker) (3601)36014
Telecommunications Mechanic/ Worker/Helper (2502)25024
Third Assistant Engineer (9934)99341
Tools and Parts Attending (6904)69043
Tractor Operator (5705)570596
Trails Worker (5201)520159
Tree Faller (5042)504249
Trolley Operator (5701)570129
Utility Systems Operating (5406)540631
Utility Systems Repairing-Operating (4742)4742116
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operating (5408)540814
Water Treatment Plant Operating (5409)540931
Weaver (3101)31013
Welding (3703)37039
Wood Crafter (4605)460527
Wooden Sign Maker (4601)46012

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