This first course in the PAMP Execution series describes the first steps in preparing for development of an annual work plan and establishing PM records and work orders in the FMSS. It will cover API, CRV and FCI data evaluation.


  • Describe what PAMP Execution is
  • Describe how PAMP Execution can benefit parks and the NPS as a whole
  • Explain what API, CRV, and FCI measure and how they are formulated
  • Evaluate APIs, CRVs, and FCIs for accuracy on a Location Detail and/or Work Order Information report

Target Audience:FMSS users and Chiefs Of Maintenance

Prerequisites:PAMP Execution QA/QC:API, CRV, and FCI

For more information or to enroll, click HERE and log in to DOI Learn or search the Catalog for NPS-MNT2008VD

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