In this course, you will learn about basic navigation and organization of the FMSS while also gaining the basic concepts and skills you will need in order to use the FMSS.


  • Identify and utilize menus.
  • Identify and utilize tabs.
  • Identify and utilize drop down lists.
  • Input data into fields.
  • Identify the use of List Screens.
  • Recognize the benefits of using the FMSS.
  • Explain how the nomenclature of the FMSS contrasts with the NPS definition of asset.
  • Identify how locations and assets are organized in the asset hierarchy.
  • Locate and explain the basic FMSS navigational elements.
  • Conduct a simple search in the FMSS using queries.

To enroll, click HERE and log in to DOI Learn or search the Catalog for NPS-MNT1101

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