This course is designed to accomplish two major goals.  First, it will communicate and demonstrate the importance of preventive maintenance as a proactive asset management tool.  Second, it will help you to develop your mastery of the Quick Plans application linked to the Facility Management Software System (FMSS), which will enable you to generate preventive maintenance plans (PMs).


  • Identify the basic principles of preventive maintenance.
  • Compare proactive versus reactive approaches to maintenance.
  • Understand how to incorporate preventive maintenance as a business practice.
  • Identify key parts of the user manual for additional information.
  • Demonstrate use of the Quick Plans application. 6. Demonstrate the integration of PMs into the FMSS.
  • Implement the next steps required to manage a PM plan within the FMSS, such as equipment records and specification templates.
  • Answer guiding questions to help prioritize which assets are added to the PM management program.
  • Identify ways to apply QA/QC principles to preventive maintenance.

Target Audience:

This course is intended for all levels of users of the Facility Management Software System (FMSS) who want to learn more about preventive maintenance practices and the implementation of a preventive maintenance program using the PM/Quick Plans application.

To enroll, click HERE and log in to DOI Learn or search the Catalog forNPS-MNT2004

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