This occupation includes jobs involved in receiving, storing, assembling for issue or shipment, and shipping a variety of bin and bulk supplies, materials, and equipment.  Performance of the work requires a knowledge of the methods used in processing material into and out of the supply system, including the methods used in tallying types and quantities of items against receiving and shipping documents; skill in palletizing, stacking, and otherwise placing and arranging items in storage locations in consideration of their size, shape, weight, quantity, type, stock number, letter and number codes, and other storage factors; and an understanding of procedures to be followed in removing from a storage and assembling for shipment or issue quantities, units of issue, and types of items shown in issue requests.  Such jobs are located in freight terminals, mechanized and non‑mechanized warehouses, open storage areas, and other similar operations.

This Matrix is a one-page snapshot of all the competencies associated with this Learning Category or Competency Group.
    Advanced Level
   Full Level
  NPS1. Instructs Others
Gray Arrow
  Intermediate Level
1. Physical Strength
Gray Arrow
 NPS1. Schedules
2. Tool/Equipment, Operation & Maintenance
3. Materials/Parts Related to Trade
4. Reporting/Record Keeping
Gray ArrowGray Arrow
 Entry Level
1. OPMG024
2. Interpersonal Skills
Gray ArrowGray Arrow
NPS1. Safety/Loss Control
2. Materials Handling
3. Vehicle Operating
Gray ArrowGray ArrowGray Arrow
2. OPMG008
Gray ArrowGray ArrowGray Arrow
NPS Universal Competencies
1. Mission Comprehension
2. Agency Orientation
3. NPS Operations
4. Fundamental Values
5. Resource Stewardship
6. Problem-Solving Skills
7. Communication Skills
8. Individual Planning & Development
OPM Basic Competencies
1. Integrity/Honesty
2. Self-Management
3. Agility
4. Attention to Detail
5. Reading
6. Interpersonal Skills
7. Teamwork
8. Stamina
9. Technical Problem Solving

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