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Arc Welding Wrought Iron and Historic Steel

Welding wrought iron with an electric arc welding process has been referred to as problematic, especially welding steel to wrought iron. Few in-depth research projects are available that recommend guidelines for welding wrought iron. One of the few is a research project directed by Mark D. Bowman, Professor of Civil Engineering and Director of Bowen Laboratory, Purdue University: Evaluation and Repair of Wrought Iron and Steel Structures in Indiana . This project will provide engineers with recommended practices for welding wrought iron with the Shielded Metal Arc Process (SMAW). Bowman will present this research at the 2013 ISPC.

During previous ISP conferences, demonstrations of the SMAW process, commonly referred to as “stick welding,” have been much appreciated by conference participants. “If I had this opportunity years ago to see and handle the welding equipment, I would have made better decisions for preservation” is a comment often repeated at the demonstrations and hands-on portion of the ISPC from participants who are involved in making decisions for the preservation of historic metals.

New for the 2013 ISPC are demonstrations of braze welding of heavy cast iron sections and the Flux Core Arc Welding (FCAW) process for wrought iron and historic steel. FCAW is a popular welding process in steel fabrication today and is easily adapted to the preservation of historic metals. It is a semi-automatic welding process where the wire is continuously fed and the operator controls the direction of travel. Two types of welding wire will be demonstrated, UltraCore71A85(Lincoln Electric) and MetalshieldMC-6(Lincoln Electric), both using Argon and CO2 as gas shielding.

In preparation for the FCAW demonstration, Vern Mesler and Bill Eggleston are preparing test samples, welding wrought iron to wrought iron and also wrought iron to steel, in both cases with full penetration weld joints. The samples will be tensile tested before and during the conference. Bill Eggleston will lead the FCAW demonstrations during the 2013 ISPC, with opportunities for participants to get hands-on experience with this process. Eggleston has led demonstrations at all the ISP conferences and has assisted in the production of the Iron & Steel Preservation videos located on the LCC Welding Technology website. Eggleston is featured in Vern Mesler’s current Craftsman’s Newsletter: William Eggleston, Craftsman/Educator. Lansing Community College welding staff continue to develop welding procedures for the preservation of historic metals.

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