Sara Hammond, PORE

Sara Hammond, Point Reyes National Seashore Facility Management Systems Specialist

Sara Hammand’s email signature ends with “One Mission. One Earth. One small action can make a difference” a sentiment which is integral to the part of her job that gives her the most satisfaction: “. . sharing my experience with energy and water conservation projects with other parks and help inspire people to think about sustainable operations.”  Sara has been working at Point Reyes National Seashore  north of San Francisco, CA for 3.5 years as a Facility Management System Specialist.  This is her first position with the NPS and it is probably a far cry from the corn, soybeans and pigs of Macomb, IL where she originally hails from.  The PORE Seashore provides protected habitat for the thirty-eight threatened and endangered species that exist within its boundaries.
Sara had the opportunity to participate in a Photovoltaic Training held at the Horace Albright Training Center in May of 2011.  She doesn’t install or maintain PV systems but she knew that learning how these systems are installed and maintained would give her an advantage when developing and analyzing PV-based projects in FMSS.  It may also put her at an advantage when looking at other positions within the NPS.

So thanks to Sara, one of the folks behind the scenes in the Facility Management arena of the National Park Service, who makes sure that projects which protect and improve the NPS get funded and is doing her part to make a difference.

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