Window Restoration & Weatherization – June 21-23, 2013

Elizabethville, PA

Have you Ever…

  • Wondered if you can save those old wood windows?
  • Considered the difference in cost between restoration of your old sash versus replacing them with new windows?
  • Wanted to restore your building but don’t know how to hire a contractor?
  • Painted your house only to find that you need to re-paint two years later?
  • Wanted to know what tools you’ll need for specific Window Restoration projects?

David & Duffy have been teaching Preservation Trades for over 15 Years! Duffy is the Owner of Hoffman Preservation & Restoration and a third-generation craftsman with more than 25 years’ experience in preservation trades. Duffy is also one of the founders of the “Window Preservation Standards Collaborative”, a group focused on setting the standard for window restoration weatherization.

Duffy Hoffman Workshop Brochure

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