This course is designed to help learners navigate the process of identifying Legacy projects in PMIS and how to review, correct and resubmit them to PMIS using the PST. The NPS has determined that all facility projects considered for funding starting in 2013 and beyond must be processed through the PST.


  • Explain what a legacy project is;
  • Define the project scoping tool and how it relates to the Facility Management Software System (FMSS) and the Project Management Information System (PMIS);
  • Identify at least three questions that must be answered in the decision process for re-submitting a legacy project via the PST;
  • Correct legacy work orders in the FMSS so projects can be re-submitted via the PST to the PMIS.


Target Audience:
FMSS specialists or other users with advanced FMSS knowledge.

Students should have a good understanding of the FMSS.

For more information or to enroll, click HERE and log in to DOI Learn or search the Catalog for NPS-MNT1034

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