Participants in Trails Training Program Maintenance Management

Participants in Trails Training Program Maintenance Management

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The Trails Program is a comprehensive training series that provides technical knowledge and skills to field personnel charged with implementation of the Department’s Trail Program. These programs are scheduled throughout Northern and Central California.

There are three levels of training in this award winning program: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. Specialized optional classes in Climbing and Rigging, Trail Estimating and Grant Writing, and Road to Trail Conversion/Mechanized Equipment are offered intersession.

Upon completion of the first three programs in the series, the participant will have a fundamental understanding of trail system management, trail layout and design, trail construction and reconstruction, trail structures, and trail maintenance.

The program goals are to prepare a Trails Program Coordinator at each District who will organize and implement a trail management and maintenance program, develop an inventory of trail features and associated budget, and fully understand and comply with ADA standards as they apply to trail systems.

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