Unit II: Preservation Maintenance Planning

This unit expands on the fundamental concepts covered in Unit 1 to build participants’ knowledge and skill in developing, organizing and implementing a cultural landscape preservation maintenance program.  Participants will learn techniques of utilizing information from research and planning documents (such as site histories, treatment recommendations, evaluation of historic significance, etc.) to develop cultural landscape preservation maintenance objectives, strategies, priorities and schedules.  Upon completion of this unit, participants will be able to create a cultural landscape preservation maintenance program that incorporates information from historic studies and plans to effectively care for individual features and perpetuate the overall character of cultural landscapes.

  • Establishing preservation maintenance goals and objectives
  • Identifying and inventorying landscape resources and materials
  • Setting maintenance priorities
  • Planning a preservation maintenance program
  • Assessing and inspecting the condition of cultural landscapes and associated features
  • Understanding and applying compliance
  • Keeping and using records



Test What you have Learned –