• Prescott Statue Conservation on Bunker Hill

“Museums, I love museums.” — Tony Randall

Thanks, Tony – here in the NPS, we love ‘em too.  Our museum collections hold more than 123 million items — that’s second in size only the the Smithsonian Institution!  With this number and range of artifacts our museum professionals need to know their stuff, which is why you’ll find training opportunities, articles, handbooks, and a boat load of other things these pages.
  • NMSC’s Housekeeping for Historic Sites

    November 7, 2012

    Fred Doug INT upstairs 089

    Need videos that teach basic cleaning and handling techniques for collections in historic house museums?  The Northeast Museum Services Center has you covered.  However, please be aware – while cleaning procedures may change over time, the techniques demonstrated here were selected in 1996 because they are non-invasive and have the least long term detrimental effect on interior architectural fabric and collections.  To access the videos, please click here. Here are the videos: Introduction and credits Preparing to clean Cleaning architectural elements Caring for textiles Caring for metals Caring for glass and ceramic Caring for composite and faux decorative objects Caring for furniture Caring for books Caring for framed

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  • 2013 Society for Applied Anthropology Conference

    November 19, 2012


    If you like looking at the environment through an anthropological lens, then you will love the Society for Applied Anthropology’s (SfAA) 2013 conference, ”Natural Resource Distribution and Development in the 21st Century.”  It will be held from March 19-23 in Denver, CO’s City Center Marriott Hotel.  To learn more about the conference, please visit the SfAA’s ...

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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

The largest archival collection in the National Park Service is at Thomas Edison National Historical Park. The collection includes papers, laboratory notebooks, audio recordings, photographs, and motion pictures.