Society for American Archaeology (SAA) is an international organization dedicated to the research, interpretation, and protection of the archaeological heritage of the Americas.  With more than 7,000 members, the society represents professional, student, and avocational archaeologists working in a variety of settings including government agencies, colleges and universities, museums, and the private sector.  To learn more, please visit their website.

Society for Historical Archaeology (SHA) is the largest scholarly group concerned with the archaeology of the modern world (A.D. 1400-present), or the beginning of European exploration.  The society is specifically concerned with the identification, excavation, interpretation, and conservation of sites and materials on land and underwater.  Geographically the society emphasizes the New World, but also includes European exploration and settlement in Africa, Asia, and Oceania.  To learn more, please visit their website.

Contemporary and Historical Archaeology in Theory (CHAT) was established to provide opportunities for dialogue to develop among researchers in the fields of later historical archaeology and the archaeology of the contemporary world. The group is based in Britain, but encourages international perspectives. It is grounded in archaeology, but promotes interdisciplinary dialogue.  To learn more, please visit their website.

Archaeological Institute for America (AIA) promotes a vivid and informed public interest in the cultures and civilizations of the past, supports archaeological research, fosters the sound professional practice of archaeology, advocates the preservation of the world’s archaeological heritage, and represents the discipline in the wider world.  To learn more, please visit their website.

Project Archaeology is a comprehensive archaeology and heritage education program for everyone interested in learning or teaching about our nation’s rich cultural legacy and protecting it for future generations to learn from and enjoy.  It includes publications, professional development for educators, networking opportunities, and continuing support for participants.  Using an innovative hands-on approach to history, Project Archaeology teaches scientific inquiry, citizenship, personal ethics and character, and cultural understanding.  To learn more, please visit their website.

American Anthropological Association (AAA) is the world’s largest organization of individuals interested in anthropology.  This organization was formed “to promote the science of anthropology, to stimulate and coordinate the efforts of American anthropologists, to foster local and other societies devoted to anthropology, to serve as a bond among American anthropologists and anthropologic[al] organizations present and prospective, and to publish and encourage the publication of matter pertaining to anthropology.”  To learn more, please visit their website.

Society for Applied Anthropology (SfAA) promotes interdisciplinary scientific investigation of the principles controlling the relations of human beings to one another, and encourages a wide application of these principles to practical problems.  It promotes the integration of anthropological perspectives and methods in solving human problems throughout the world; fair and just public policy based upon sound research; public recognition of anthropology as a profession; and the continued professionalization of the field.  To learn more please visit their website.