The Commons

Mission Statement
The Cultural Resources Commons is the professional networking component that encourages a geographically diverse workforce to interact and engage in a safe, virtual space. These opportunities for engagement are supported by common social networking tools – such as groups, forums, wikis, file-sharing, etc – that freely allow users to post, create, and access content within the Commons.
By facilitating these connections, we encourage employees to learn from one another through an unfiltered exchange of information and ideas, thus supporting powerful professional development opportunities that underline team-work, creativity, and innovation.


    Create a virtual environment that encourages a geographically dispersed workforce to connect, interact, and learn from one another in a safe environment.
    Implement the proper tools that will allow users to freely exchange ideas, describe best practices, ask questions, etc.
    Build a strong multi-disciplinary community.
    Create a self-sustaining professional networking site that will eventually produce and feed content into the large NPS Academy for Cultural Resources.

Take a tour of the City University of New York CUNY Academic Commons to learn more about some of the features that we’ll be adding here at The Commons for the NPS Career Academy for Cultural Resources: