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Texas Pearl

Submitted by Ed FitzGerald on Mon, 2014-11-24 10:11
Stone Type (Commercial): 

A creamy beige with some shell life. Takes a polish.

Physical Data
Absorption (%): 
Density (lb/cf): 
Flexural Strength, Dry (psi): 
Modulus of Rupture, Dry (psi): 
Compressive Strength, Dry (psi): 
Bulk Specific Gravity: 
Abrasion Resistance: 
Grain Shape: 
Grain Sorting: 
Grain Size: 
Petrographic Description: 

Specimen 2014-061:
This specimen is a fossiliferous limestone. The limestone is not grain supported with a predominantly micrite cement matrix, but sparite is locally abundant. Allochems comprise around 5 to 10 percent of slide area. These criteria define the limestone as a mudstone. The irregular grain boundaries and patchy size distribution of crystals suggest much of the fabric is actually neomorphic. Much of the matrix may have been deposited as intraclasts and peloids that are no longer distinctly visible. Halo outlines and other faint indications of structure are occasionally seen. Identifiable allochem composition is about 90 percent bioclast. The remaining 10 percent is composed of still distinct peloids and intraclasts. These estimates and degree of sorting characterize the limestone as a fossiliferous micrite. Brachiopod species predominate, including Composita sp. Likely echnioderm fragments are also present. Maximum dimensions for bioclasts are as follows: brachiopod 1.6 mm and enchinoderm 3.2 mm. A modal size for brachiopod fragments is around 1 mm in the maximum dimension. Syntaxial overgrowth is rarely present on enchinoderm fragments. Extant voids are relatively rare and constitute about 1 percent of slide area, most are vug like in form.
MP 9/4/2015


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Specimen ID
2014-061 Image of specimen in dry conditions. Finish: download image

Thin Sections

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Specimen ID Non-polarized Cross-polarized
2014-061 Specimen shown in non-polarized image Specimen shown in cross-polarized image


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