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Submitted by Raven Mueller on Thu, 2014-07-10 09:37
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Specimen 2014-043

This is a fossiliferous limestone. The limestone is grain supported and has a sparite cement matrix, much of from syntaxial overgrowth. Allochems constitute about 85 percent of slide area. These criteria identify the limestone as a grainstone. Allochems are approximately 50 percent ooid, 40 percent bioclast, and 10 percent peloid. These estimates and degree of sorting classify the limestone as an unsorted oosparite. Bioclasts are predominantly echinoderm parts with a maximum of 1.5 mm and a modal range around .5 mm. Other identifiable bioclasts include bryozoans with a maximum dimension of 1.5 mm and foraminifera with a maximum dimension of .5 mm. Most bioclasts have micritic envelopes. Ooids and the much less common peloids have similar size ranges with maximums near .75 mm, minimums of .15 mm, and a modal range around .35 mm. Only about 1 percent of allochems are stained with iron hydroxide. Extant voids are essentially absent except for a few interparticle examples with a maximum dimension around .2 mm. Blue staining from impregnation does suggest many of the micritic envelopes and ooid rinds are porous. There is no evidence of significant compaction prior to lithification.
MP 7/21/2014

See also Ned M. Smith, "Sedimentology of the Salem Limestone in Indiana", in The Ohio Journal of Science. v66 n2 (March, 1966), 168-179, available online at (accessed 10/16/2014).


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2014-043 Image of specimen in dry conditions. Finish: Smooth sawndownload image Image of specimen in wet conditions. Finish: Smooth sawndownload image

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2014-043 Specimen shown in non-polarized image Specimen shown in cross-polarized image


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