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Indiana Buff

Submitted by Raven Mueller on Wed, 2014-07-09 09:22
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Specimen: 2014-024-1 This specimen is a fossiliferous limestone. The limestone is grain supported and has a predominantly sparite cement matrix, with some instances of syntaxial overgrowth. Allochems constitute about 85 percent of slide area. These criteria define the limestone as a grainstone. Allochem composition is about 90 percent bioclast and 10 percent mixed peloid and ooid. These estimates and degree of sorting classify this limestone as a sorted biosparite. Most all bioclasts have micritic envelopes. Identifiable bioclasts are mostly echinoderm parts; bivalve, brachiopod, bivalve, bryozoan and foraminifera are also identifiable. Maximum dimension of echinoderms is approximately 1.6 mm and the modal range is around .5 mm. Maximum dimensions of other bioclasts are as follows: brachiopod 3 mm, bivalve 2 mm, bryozoan 1 mm, and foraminifera .4 mm. Ooids and peloids have a similar size range with a maximum around .75 mm, minimum .15 mm, and a modal range near .25 mm. Extant voids are essentially absent except for a few interparticle examples. The degree of allochem preservation indicates this limestone was subjected to only low compaction prior to lithification. Elongated bioclasts are oriented in a uniform direction producing minimal laminated texture that is not visible in the hand sample. MP 7/21/2015


Thin Sections

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Specimen ID Non-polarized Cross-polarized
2014-024-1 Specimen shown in non-polarized image Specimen shown in cross-polarized image
2014-024-2 No image available.


NOTE: Quarry locations are approximate.

Central Quarry
301 Main St.
47451 Oolitic , Indiana
United States
38° 54' 36.4608" N, 86° 31' 50.628" W
Indiana US

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