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  1. Verde Cavendish

    ... Dark green marble with white veins. A true serpentine with extreme hardness. Availability:  Available ... ultrabasic rocks. The fabric of the rock is overwhelmingly serpentine group minerals. Most of the rock displays mesh fabric, which is ...

    Ed FitzGerald - 2015-09-05

  2. Vermont Verde Antique

    ... a lesser amount of carbonates, the other is nearly wholly serpentine . A few larger quartz grains ~.6 mm maximum dimension were ... from .9 mm by .3 mm to cryptocrystalline . Much of the serpentine is fibrous, or in a tigers eye or net growth pattern. Calcite ...

    Raven Mueller - 2015-09-05

  3. John J. Craig Quarry

    Stone Type (Commercial):  Marble ...

    Matt Pailes - 2015-08-17

  4. Tate Quarry

    Stone Type (Commercial):  Marble MRDS Deposit ID:  10215913 ...

    Raven Mueller - 2014-09-24

  5. Alabama Marble

    Stone Type (Commercial):  Marble Description:  On our wish list for a sample. ...

    Matt Pailes - 2015-08-24

  6. Lee Marble Quarry

    Stone Type (Commercial):  Marble ...

    Ed FitzGerald - 2014-09-22

  7. Lee Marble

    Trade Name Alias:  Berkshire Lee Stone Type (Commercial):  Marble Color:  White Quarry:  Lee Marble Quarry Availability:  Unavailable Munsell Color(s):  N9 ...

    Raven Mueller - 2015-09-05

  8. Danby Quarry

    Stone Type (Commercial):  Marble MRDS Deposit ID:  10232533 ...

    Raven Mueller - 2014-09-19

  9. Statuario Colorado

    Stone Type (Commercial):  Marble Availability:  Available Stone Type (Lithologic):  Metamorphic › Marble Grain Shape:  Angular Grain Size:  Medium ...

    Intern - 2015-09-05

  10. Colorado Yule

    Stone Type (Commercial):  Marble Color:  White Quarry:  Colorado Yule Quarry Availability:  Available Munsell Color(s):  N9 Stone Type (Lithologic):  ...

    Raven Mueller - 2015-09-05