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  1. Texas Cordova Cream

    ... mm. These voids are discernable in the hand sample by its sand paper feel. The rinds of ooids are generally porous as indicated by the ...

    Raven Mueller - 2015-07-22

  2. How to Use This Site

    ... -1 2     very-coarse sand SAND coarse ash grains medium-grained medium-crystalline ...

    Ed FitzGerald - 2015-08-12

  3. Harvest Gold

    ... This specimen is a well compacted sandstone . Sand sized particles constitute nearly 100 percent of slide area. The ... parent material for this sandstone was a geologically mature sand. The high degree of weathering of the non-quartz component makes ...

    Raven Mueller - 2015-07-22

  4. Aquia Creek

    ... MP 2014-050-2 This specimen is a sandstone. Sand sized particles constitute approximately 75 percent of slide area. Less ... weathering of grains is minimal, a clinopyroxene and several sand sized grains of muscovite show more advanced weathering but are still ...

    Raven Mueller - 2015-07-22

  5. Links

    ... National Stone, Sand and Gravel Association Pennsylvania ...

    Ed FitzGerald - 2015-09-08

  6. How We Do It

    ... 3. Pettijohn, F. J., E.P. Potter, and R. Siever, Sand and Sandstone (Berlin: Springer, 1973). 4. International ...

    admin - 2015-08-13

  7. Portland Brownstone

    ... Connecticut's adjacent Eastern Highlands. Albite cements the sand grains. Brownstone was commonly face-bedded—that is, the rock was ...

    Matt Pailes - 2015-08-24