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  1. Lueders, Sea Fossil R.B.

    ... form the core of some ooids and also is present in mouldic void s. This is visible in the hand specimen by a light yellowish color. ...

    Raven Mueller - 2015-07-23

  2. Onondaga Limestone

    ... present in some of these replacement fossils and rarely in mouldic void s. Small grains of authigenic quartz (~ .03 mm) are also present in the ...

    Intern - 2015-09-05

  3. Standard Gray (C & H)

    ... mm. Micritic envelopes are present on many bioclasts. Extant void space is essentially absent with only a few interparticle examples ... .2 mm. There are a variety of sparite filled pores including mouldic and shelter (bivalve) forms. 7/14/15 MP ...

    Raven Mueller - 2015-07-22