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  1. Blue Mountain Granite

    ... as indicated by cleavage planes including fairly common hornblende . Pyroxenes, also identified by cleavage, and includes both ... size of 2.8 mm. Various species of amphibole, including hornblende are the next most common accessory mineral. Clinopyroxenes and ...

    Ed FitzGerald - 2015-09-04

  2. Sierra Rose

    ... percent of slide area. A green-brown amphibole , likely hornblende , is also relatively common at around 5 to 10 percent of slide ...

    Ed FitzGerald - 2015-09-04

  3. Adirondack Granite

    ... opaques, and a highly altered green mineral (likely hornblende ). Quartz and feldspar account for about 60 percent of slide area. ... and hypidioblastic forms. A green mineral, likely originally hornblende, is fairly abundant but mostly transformed into a variety of ...

    Ed FitzGerald - 2015-09-04