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  1. Tennessee Cedar

    ... of sparite presently mostly consertal edges, but euhedral edges are not uncommon. Maximum grain size is around 4.5 mm and the ...

    Ed FitzGerald - 2015-09-05

  2. Lueders, Carmel

    ... size may indicate some neomorphism has occurred and rare Euhedral rhombs of carbonate may indicate some dolomitization. This slide is ...

    Raven Mueller - 2015-08-12

  3. Heathermoor

    ... minerals. These bands are composed of mostly hexagonal euhedral crystals .005 to .010 mm in size. Overall the lack of more ...

    Raven Mueller - 2015-08-12

  4. Greene County

    ... Sphene is also readily identifiable in characteristic euhedral diamond shaped crystals. Opaques are quite rare and comprise at most ...

    Raven Mueller - 2015-08-12

  5. Century Old Gothic Buff

    ... within preserved shell cavities. Many of these contain euhedral and compromise boundaries. This reflects calcite crystals ...

    Raven Mueller - 2015-08-12