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  1. Verde Cavendish

    ... minerals included in these veins are carbonate, likely calcite , and other species of serpentine with ribbon texture, likely ... veins suggest multiple events of hydrothermal alteration. Calcite present in these veins has consertal boundaries and a maximum ...

    Ed FitzGerald - 2015-09-05

  2. Royal Danby

    ... modal size is approximately .75 to 1.25 mm. Twinning of calcite / dolomite crystals is ubiquitous mostly following rhomb edges or ... crystals at grain boundaries as opposed to inclusions within calcite/dolomite crystals. A few of the accessory minerals occur in ...

    Raven Mueller - 2015-09-05

  3. Vermont Verde Antique

    ... figures, these crystals have intergrowths with opaques and calcite . Overall the specimen’s texture is decussate with common quartz ... is fibrous, or in a tigers eye or net growth pattern. Calcite crystals occur in bands and pockets of anhedral crystals. Maximum ...

    Raven Mueller - 2015-09-05

  4. Onondaga Limestone

    ... rich areas) and thin lines of light colored ( calcite ) running across the specimen. These do not clearly correlate to any ... Voids are essentially absent. Several areas of sparry calcite appear to have formed as replacement minerals after large, presumably, ...

    Intern - 2015-09-05

  5. Nor-Carla Bluestone

    ... , reflecting some degree of metamorphism. Secondary calcite grains are also present with a maximum dimension around .05 mm. The calcite is relatively uncommon at far less than 1 percent of slide area. The ...

    Raven Mueller - 2015-08-12

  6. Tennessee Light Rose

    ... areas are intermixed with no macro patterning. Twinning of calcite / dolomite crystals is ubiquitous. Many twin lamellae are curved, ... was noted; it occurs in the same size range as the coarse calcite component and is isotropic with distinct cleavage. Periclase seems a ...

    Ed FitzGerald - 2015-09-05

  7. Colorado Yule

    ... .15 mm, and the modal size is around .75 mm. Twinning of calcite / dolomite crystals is ubiquitous and mostly follows rhomb edges. ... grains appear as shapeless, rounded inclusions within calcite crystals or at grain boundaries. There is no appreciable weathering in ...

    Raven Mueller - 2015-09-05

  8. Hadrian

    ... porosity permitted the growth of substantial secondary calcite in channels and vugs. Filled channels present in the slide have a ... likely bivalves and brachiopods. Distinctive primary growth calcite growth patterns identify Compostia sp. as one genus present and place ...

    Raven Mueller - 2015-09-04

  9. Permian Sea Coral

    ... is isopachous with rims up to .15 mm formed from elongated calcite radiating off of all grain types. Opaque crystals are locally ...

    Ed FitzGerald - 2015-09-04

  10. Lueders, Antique

    ... and are usually completely replaced by secondary sparry calcite . Micritic envelopes are variably present. Peloids have a maximum ...

    Raven Mueller - 2015-07-22