Lueders Formation

Limestone and shale; "Lueders quarry bed" (limestone), Plq, separately mapped. Upperpart—shale and alternating limestone; mostly shale in units 1-5 feet thick, calcareous,gray; limestone in units 1-5 feet thick, argillaceous, moderately hard to soft, weathersvery light gray to white, produces subdued terraced topography; thickness 20-40 feet.Lower part including "Lueders quarry bed," Plq—limestone and shale; mostly lime-stone in units 1-5 feet thick, fine to medium grained, rarely argillaceous, hard, gray,evenly bedded, medium to thick beds; some shale in thin units, calcareous; marinemegafossil fragments and algal pellets locally, forms broad dip slopes highly dissectedby westward-flowing streams; thickness 30-40 feet. Thickness of Lueders Formation 50-70 feet. [source: Geologic Atlas of Texas,


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