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The following commentary accompanies the article “Kingpost Trusses,” published in the last issue of this journal as part of our continuing historic truss series.  The series was developed from original research under a grant from the National Park Service and the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training.

The article appeared in Timber Framing: Journal of the Timber Framers Guild: No. 73, September, 2004.

2004-10  Historic American Roof Trusses: I. Sissor Trusses
2004-11  Historic American Roof Trusses: II. Queen Post Trusses
2004-12  Historic American Roof Trusses: III. King Post Trusses
2004-14  Historic American Roof Trusses: IV.  Composite and Raised Bottom Cord Trusses
2004-29  Historic American Roof Trusses: V. The Evolution of Roof Trusses

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