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In this study, Inspired Partnerships, a non-profit organization in Chicago, investigated the virtues and liabilities of various protective glazing installations over stained glass.

The study addresses energy, security, sound and light transmission as well as aesthetic and conservation issues surrounding the use of protective glazing.

Although some aspects of this research are applicable to all protective glazing, the study concentrated on the virtues and problems associated with installations of stained glass in houses of worship.

This research was made possible through Grant MT-0424-4-NC-15 from the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training (NCPTT).

Download “Higher Standards Needed for Protective Glazing (1996-06a)” 1996-06a1.pdf – Downloaded 94 times – 3 MB

Download “The History of Protecting Glazing (1996-06b)” 1996-06b.pdf – Downloaded 76 times – 6 MB

Download “Protective Glazing for Stained Glass Windows (1996-06c)” 1996-06c.pdf – Downloaded 97 times – 7 MB

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