preservation arts and technology

preservation arts and technology


With funding from the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training, the New Jersey Institute of Technology Center for Building Knowledge has created a Preservation Arts and Technology High School Curriculum Professional Development Preparatory Program (PAT/PDPP).  The PAT/PDPP is intended to be used in conjunction with a weeklong Preservation Arts and Technology High School Curriculum Professional Development Course (PAT/PDC).  The PAT/PDPP program is designed for use nationally by educational administrators, teachers and preservationists to learn about the Preservation Arts and Technology High School Curriculum (PAT) and its components in preparation for the PAT/PDC.  The PAT/PDC is designed to teach the participants how to adapt the PAT curriculum locally so as to enable them to implement the program in their communities.

The PAT/PDPP CDROM entitled “Preservation Arts and Technology – Feel the Passion Experience the Fun” consists of an overview of the PAT High School Curriculum for use by high school teachers.  The subjects covered on the preparatory program CDROM include what historic preservation is, the stories buildings tell, why the preservation arts work as an academic theme, why each academic subject area is important to the practice of preservation, how buildings are benchmarks for a given time period and how they can be used in the classroom.  The PAT/PDPP also includes the vocabulary of historic preservation, visual literacy and building type identification, preservation resources on the web, and degree programs in preservation.

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