The Los Angeles County Museum of Art recently provided a portable laser system to NCPTT as part of the National Center’s laser research facility. The portable laser system is being reconditioned and will be used in graffiti removal studies and training. The laser was originally purchased with federal funds as part of an cooperative agreement.

For more information, contact Jason Church.

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3 Responses to Portable Laser for Graffiti Removal

  1. Etchbusters can remove any graffiti from windows, doors or any glass. Is there a need for this at LACMA?

  2. Stephen FUNG says:

    Dear Jason,

    I would like to know more about the model and the price of the portable laser cleaner. Thank you.

    Stephen FUNG

    • Jason Church says:

      The portable laser that we currently have is a New Wave Tempest 3000, which we obtained second hand. I have not used the laser enough to recommend it. It does have a few design flaws, such as a 70+10 degrees operating temp that makes it difficult to use in the field. There are other portable systems available such as those offered by Adapt Laser Systems and others.

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